How to Protect Your Home in Extreme Cold

It’s frosty out there. Much of the country is layering up for some below freezing weather. And while the Experts are always eager to help, we’ve got a few HVAC and plumbing tips to help you avoid those cold weather emergencies.

    • Disconnect those exterior water faucets.
    • Insulate exposed pipes and outdoor fixtures.
    • A slow drop in indoor sinks and bathrooms by exterior walls can stop pipes from freezing.
    • Open up cabinets underneath sinks to keep warm air moving around pipes.
    • Keep an indoor temperature of at least 68 degrees (and warmer if possible).
    • Get those indoor heaters ready by checking them for proper operation.
    • If you have vents closed in unused rooms, now is the time to open them.
    • Last but not least, give those smoke and carbon monoxide detectors a quick check.

Follow these simple tips to keep your HVAC and plumbing warm and working. Then heat yourself some hot cider. And, as always, Winnipeg Supply Service Experts is here for you. If you’ve got questions, concerns or problems, don’t hesitate to call.

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