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  • Zoning Systems: Customized Comfort in Every Room

    Central heating and cooling systems have reinvented home comfort and made it possible to stay completely comfortable in any season or climate. But while centralized systems provide a handy way to control the temperature, they occasionally fall short when it comes to evenly distributing heated or... Continue reading

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  • Eight Popular Heating Myths Debunked

    There are lots of myths out there about home heating that cause confusion and inefficient furnace usage. It’s time to set the record straight. Here, the heating professionals at Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing reveal the truth behind the eight most common myths to keep... Continue reading

  • Easy Ways to Re-Light a Water Heater Pilot Light

    When you step into the shower, you count on the water to get nice and hot very quickly. If a freezing blast greets you instead, you know something’s not right. The typical reason behind this unpleasant, chilly surprise is a water heater pilot light that’s gone out. Don’t worry—relighting... Continue reading

  • Eight Ways to Upgrade Your HVAC System

    During the coldest time of the year in Winnipeg, there’s no better way to enhance your home’s comfort than with easy and effective upgrades. It’s not only about keeping the house toasty warm as the snow begins to fall—it’s about boosting efficiency and removing pollutants from the very... Continue reading

  • How to Find a Suitable HVAC System

    In terms of keeping your home comfortable during every season, nothing is more critical than picking out the right heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. This determination influences your daily comfort, monthly utility expenses and all-around home efficiency. However, with so... Continue reading

  • Easy Ways You Can Test Water Pressure at Home

    Experiencing water pressure challenges can be a real nuisance. Regardless if your shower has become a mere drizzle or your garden hose lacks its usual force, understanding and dealing with your home’s water pressure is crucial for getting things flowing again. The good thing is, evaluating your... Continue reading

  • Yearly HVAC Maintenance Checklist

    As soon as the air turns chilly, you know it’s time to winterize your residence for the cooler months ahead. Your heating system is critical to maintaining a cozy, warm environment. A well-maintained furnace supplies the comfort you desire while using a smaller amount of energy. Regular... Continue reading

  • Heating and Cooling Trends in 2024

    In the ever-evolving world of home HVAC, keeping up with the newest HVAC trends is crucial for homeowners looking to enhance their home’s comfort and efficiency. Going into 2024, the HVAC industry continues to innovate, bringing brand-new technologies and trends aimed at changing how residents... Continue reading

  • How to Clean a Smelly Drain

    Have you ever walked into your kitchen only to be greeted by a foul smell? You start looking around—it’s not the garbage can, and it is clearly not the fridge. No, the culprit is a stinky kitchen drain. The good news is, with a bit of detective work and drain-cleaning efforts, you can say... Continue reading

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  • Guidance for Staying Warm and Comfortable in Winter

    As winter’s chill persists for yet another month, ensuring your home stays warm and cozy is a top priority. Staying comfortable within your residence when the temperature plummets outside doesn’t have to be such a struggle. With the following helpful tips, you can maintain warmth in winter,... Continue reading

  • Furnace Safety Tips for Winter

    Winter has officially arrived in Winnipeg, requiring you to run the heater at maximum power to keep your home warm. Are you certain your furnace, space heater, fireplace and other heating appliances are safe? While vital for staying warm, heating equipment can pose a danger if not used and... Continue reading

  • Exploring the Pros and Cons of Ductless Heating Systems

    Have you found out about ductless heating and cooling systems? They’re praised for their exceptional efficiency, but are they as awesome as they look? Explore the benefits and drawbacks of ductless mini-splits to make it easier for you to decide if going ductless is a suitable choice for your... Continue reading

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