Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning Reviews

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4.6/5 stars based on 455,276 Reviews
maricela C.
austin, texas
"The tech was friendly and professional. Explained the needs for the air conditioning unit."
david R.
plano, texas
pauline M.
birmingham, alabama
"Speedy response!!!! Holiday weekend. Service Rep Andrew McDaniel arrived early, professional, explained and fixed the problems."
katherine K.
memphis, tennessee
"response to issue was quick - next day. SErvices were well explained."
cynthia hill H.
cohoes, new york
anna W.
desoto, texas
"They were very knowledgeable and detailed."
linda C.
greenwood, indiana
"Professional, personable, patient in explaining things to me."
linda C.
greenwood, indiana
"Professional, personable, patient in explaining things to me."
mark H.
calgary, alberta
"Very professional and accommodating service rep. Survey question is confusing - "very likely?""
pam W.
glenmont, new york
colin R.
plantation, florida
sam P.
norman, oklahoma
"After a new unit installed 4/25/23 there have been 3 techs out and will have to be a 4th."
linda R.
purcell, oklahoma
gloria F.
smyrna, georgia
"Because of the serviced provided by Jaime. After the initial miscommunication regarding the charge for the service which was suppose to be free (Earth Day Promo), once Jaime arrived he introduced himself and got right to work. He explained every step that he was performing prior to doing the inspection to keep me updated. He was respectful of my home and wore shoe booties. He was very thorough."
sharon P.
hurst, texas
"Andru did a great job and was on time!"
milton J.
spring hope, north carolina
brenda L.
san antonio, texas
julie V.
west haven, utah
"Great customer service."
stacy V.
tulsa, oklahoma
corey S.
ogden, utah
eugene L.
north ogden, utah
adam W.
exeter, new hampshire
"You charged me $200 for someone to come out to quote me on a AC install while no maintenance work being done. The quote they gave me was outrageously high compared to other quotes i received. Also the people you sent kept trying to push a financing plan that was appallingly high if anyone merely runs the numbers. I was told that Strogen was a family business, but it seems they have been bought out by someone else. Your business seems to be a scam. I'll never use your "service" again."
julie H.
fort wayne, indiana
"Overall I really like the service provided by Rolf Griffin"
denise B.
hampton, new jersey
"Tech was on time, did a thorough and complete job and explained everything in a way we could understand."
ray P.
clifton park, new york
"Friendly, professional service."
james B.
amherstburg, ontario
julean A.
porter corners, new york
"Richard figured out rather quickly why I had no water. I was very impressed."
craig L.
pleasanton, california
"I was pleased with the technician who serviced the AC unit. However, another person from Service Experts arrived and examined the unit inside the house and explained to me there is a water (condensation) leak that is causing damage to the wooden structure that the units sits on. An estimate for repairing this was provided electronically ($3079.55), but the cost is likely more. Why was this not identified during the service provided 11/10/22 or 4/12/22 or prior visits before structural damage occurred?"
kevin B.
west chicago, illinois
sharon C.
san antonio, texas
"Technician was very knowledgeable and completed service within a reasonable time."
tyler M.
flemington, new jersey
"I was very happy with the service provided by Oswaldo and Ivan. Ivan (I hope I remembered his name correctly) was especially helpful telling my exactly why water has a hard time draining. Oswaldo and I discussed Heat Pumps v splits for when I get a new AC system. They did a good job with the annual maintenance service"
sharon P.
hurst, texas
"Andru was courteous on time and a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends or children."
mark H.
champaign, illinois
linda M.
columbia, south carolina
fouad B.
dallas, texas
"Very timely and professional"
ralph S.
winnipeg, manitoba
"Tech said it was a wiring issue and or circuit board. He suggested a electrician to rewire the furnace. I had another tech diagnose the issue with a ohm meter and placed the furnace wires where they should be. In a hour we heat, cooling and the furnace fan shut off in auto mode. I dont think your tech went far enough to diagnose the issue. $113.00 service call that didnt rectify the issue."
weldon B.
hutto, texas
"Fast and courteous."
mark Z.
mount laurel township, new jersey
"Timely and efficient."
victor S.
ballston lake, new york
debbie G.
east st paul, manitoba
"Marvyn arrived at the specified time. He also provide us with good information when he was updating our service agreement for the next year."
bill D.
wolfeboro, new hampshire
pat M.
winnipeg, manitoba
danielle A.
palantine bridge, new york
laurie N.
round lake, new york
allan B.
mableton, georgia
aaron C.
jacksonville, florida
"On time Professional Service."
paul P.
averill park, new york
"Showed up on a Saturday under 24 hours, not even an emergency"
virginia C.
ocala, florida
"Theyre always here when I need them"
brenda B.
richardson, texas
"Levy and Sons is exceptional! Cant imagine using any other company."
marlene B.
northbrook, illinois
"On time and efficient"
jeff H.
white heath, illinois
paul A.
windsor, ontario
"The service technician was very thorough"
brady S.
syracuse, utah
"Everything was explained to me that was done."
scott M.
austin, texas
"Tyler was honest, extremely knowledgeable and explained all the options. Not sure how I feel about Strand, but he was outstanding."
pamela R.
albany, new york
willie J.
laplata, maryland
"Great job! Very professional and informative."
marilyn K.
atlanta, georgia
"It appears they did not clean the air conditioner intake but they seemed to do a good job on the registers."
michaela P.
louisville, colorado
"There was a water main break & it caused debris & small rocks to get into my AC. The person that took the call and Jordan were extremely nice & understanding as I was rattled and I wanted to ensure my AC was working correctly so it was cleaned. Great employees"
prashant K.
loudonville, new york
james J.
champaign, illinois
"Aidan explain everything to me about the service he did."
trudi M.
westminster, colorado
"Coils on air conditioner we not cleaned on all sides."
georgann S.
midwest city, oklahoma
michael H.
bloomington, illinois
"The technician was extremely courteous, and was willing to answer all my questions. He went out of his way to provide remarkable service, and I greatly appreciate it!"
janel H.
meridian, idaho
"Very personable, explained possible issues in a way I could understand and took the time to answer my many questions."
damon H.
dunnellon, florida
sharon U.
calgary, alberta
"Technician was on time (actually early but I was called to confirm that was ok) and performed the service as requested. He informed me about furnace filters and found a small leak in the piping leading to the water tank that I was unaware of."
lorna S.
calgary, alberta
"Richard answered all our questions and did a very good job to explain to us what we wanted to know."
michael S.
mansfield, texas
emily E.
fort wayne, indiana
"Doug was great!"
thomas D.
clifton park, new york
"Knowledgeable,personable,explained everything he was doing. A pleasure to meet and an excellent representative for Roland J. Down."
terry R.
arlington, texas
derick K.
georgetown, texas
"Did not show up"
derick K.
georgetown, texas
"Did not show up"
leontyne M.
windsor, ontario
"The technicians and sales consultant were professional . There were no hidden surprises or fees. Bryant did what they said they would ."
larry B.
round rock, texas
"Will never recommend or use. I will continue using green leaf as my ac service provider"
jennie C.
edmonton, alberta
"Ryan was very good and answered any questions I had"
johnetta R.
ridgeland, mississippi
"Lorenzo provided friendly and knowledgeable service during the annual maintenance check."
tim Q.
st. albans, west virginia
orethann P.
dallas, texas
"The technicians were very professional and knew their craft well."
tami M.
fort worth, texas
"Carlos and George were Professional and polite."
russ F.
durham, north carolina
"I was told someone would be there by 12. A supervisor was in the street around 11:30 and said a tech was on the way. They showed up sometime around 4! No phone call, email, or text from you. I had someone hang around the house all day! Also the last time you were here everything was fine, this time one of the units has no refrigerant? We haven't used the AC all winter!"
richard Z.
cincinnati, ohio
"Techncian called before coming (as expected), completed the service, and answered my questions. Hoever, I was not emailed (or provided in-person) a receipt for the 2 lbs of coolant we loaded into my system. And in reviewing my records, I see that on the last call, I was sold a UV bulb replacement only 6 omnths after the rpeviosu one had been installed (they last at least a year). Your system should have told the technician at that visit it was not yet necessary."
kay L.
xenia, ohio
"Because I like and trust Stephenson employee. They are courteous, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly."
anthony S.
dayton, ohio
michael B.
windsor, ontario
"Always excellent service from Bryant!!"
paul S.
longmont, colorado
"Called Service Experts Heating and Air Conditioning and was thankful they fit me in same day as my house was without hot water as my tankless Rinnai hot water heater (HWH) would only run loudly for a few seconds before shutting down with a 10 error code. Just before the technician arrived I found a 14 minute YouTube video that was a tutorial on my suspected issue with the Rinnai HWH. I watched it a few times and got started on the project as Im relatively mechanically capable and thought it worth a try. I got the face-cover off and about that tile the technician arrived. I described to him the presenting issue and I showed him a clip of the video I had watched showing that a small blower fan likely had taken in moths or lint and needed to be cleaned. Technician took a look and started talking about his dislike for Rinnai products which I now think is a reflection of his unfamiliarity with the product. Instead of removing the blower fan and cleaning it, he said it was behind a valve and something else and would be an all day project. I recommend a possible shortcut which was me grabbing my leaf blower and attempting to clean the venting/unit in a sort of shortcut/backwards approach. It turns out, that worked, initially, and discovered that the same problem occurred minutes after I paid $310 for the service call +1 hour labor, and he left. Also, had I not recommended the blower technique that only worked temporarily, I dont think any work would have occurred besides the tech voicing his displeasure with Rinnai. So, another night without water, wallet $310 lighter, and I decided Id tackle the project in the morning. I once again removed the cover plate and 1 digital display, disconnected 2 wire harnesses and removed 4 screws to then remove the expected issue, a dirty blower. It was obvious that this YouTube tutorial and the expectation were the issue: the blower was filled with dead moths and their residue. I cleaned the fan with compressed air and wiped out the housing. I reassembled and tested successfully, that I had repaired the HWH. I have bear zero HVAC/plumbing experience other than other projects that Ive tried on my own and Im disappointed that I paid top dollar for this Service Expert technician, to not perform in any meaningful way. Further proof that more often than not, YouTube is much cheaper and more effective for many problems we may encounter with mechanical issues. I understand that when encountering any given mechanical problem there can be any number of unknown causes and issues. I also simply know that Ill never use nor recommend the services of Service Experts Heating and Air Conditioning"
timothy M.
valatie, new york
william T.
wolfeboro, new hampshire
"Answered my questions, fixed the problem, was courteous and helpful. Is coming back next month to do routine servicing. I've had good service and cooperation going back to Mike Strogen."
craig H.
round rock, texas
"Gustavo was amazing. He was very knowledgeable and diagnosed our issue quickly. He loves HVAC and his excitement was contagious!"
eddie S.
longmont, colorado
"Worked fast cleaned up after done"
juanita H.
warrensville hts, ohio
"Service was excellent!!"
joanne P.
calgary, alberta
"Technician is very knowledgeable, personable and efficient"
sandy D.
belvidere, new jersey
"Very thorough and polite."
kathy G.
tipp city, ohio
"Jordan is extremely knowledgeable, arrived on time and did excellent work"
ms baker B.
winnipeg, manitoba
wayne H.
nashville, tennessee
marla S.
westville, illinois
ben K.
indianapolis, indiana
"Service folks are always polite, professional, and thorough."
archie S.
gansevoort, new york
lisa W.
calgary, alberta
"on time arrival, timely furnace replacement; good explanation of everything"
cindy A.
edmonton, alberta
"Brian arrived on time and was very thorough with the service."
karl M.
pantego, texas
"Everything was as promised!"
william B.
knoxville, tennessee
jack R.
burleson, texas
"Techs were prompt, courteous, and very professional."
mohammad A.
louisville, kentucky
"Appointment the next day of my request and the job done promptly the same day."
kent C.
moraine, ohio
"I didn't receive a written report from the technician regarding the HVAC systems. The only document I got was an email showing a $25,000 estimate! My residence is only 900 sq ft and I know I don't need that much BTU's."
brent E.
calgary, alberta
"Ryley and Noah were professional and friendly. They were respectful of me and my house, worked efficiently and left the work area clean."
joseph P.
schenectady, new york
"Richard provided excellent service. He is courteous and efficient. He thoroughly explains the problem and the solution and provides useful tips on how to properly maintain our plumbing system. This is his 2nd visit to our house since we have been RJD customers and we are extremely satisfied! The woman that booked the appointment for us was extremely friendly and helpful as well!"
edith V.
antioch, california
"explained everything he did."
clarence R.
clinton, maryland
allen W.
atlanta, georgia
allen W.
atlanta, georgia
allen W.
atlanta, georgia
adam O.
austin, texas
"Didn't seem real knowledgeable"
dennis J.
osceola, indiana
"Michael was professional, on time and did the service well."
cheryljohn A.
schenectady, new york
"The technician arrived within the promised time. He was efficient and friendly."
lyell Y.
winnipeg, manitoba
"The gentleman first asked if we were first time home owners and proceeded to tell me all of the things that I should be considering. My water tank was too old, my water coming into my home was contaminated with lead and possibly asbestos and suggested I upgrade my water tank and add a home water filtration system. . He showed me an article on google about Manitoba and Saskatchewan had both. . I thought he was there to service me furnace and a/c. Let year the person that came to service me did a thorough job where I believe this person was in a hurry. Kept on telling me about upgrades and also suggested an Hrv system etcetra"
ken S.
clifton park, new york
"Vince did the annual maintenance and also addressed an issue I had with the system. Very satisfied on both."
joy M.
winnipeg, manitoba
"Donny"s expertise that day problem solving was professional and very well executed."
marylee J.
petersburg, virginia
"He was polite and knowledgeable"
mike J.
dayton, ohio
"I had a window from 8am to 12pm. We got up early and had planned for this. I would have expected he would be here before 11am since that was a huge window. I get a call about 20 minutes before 12 telling me he was going to be late. I should have gotten a call somewhere between 10 and 11, that way we wouldn't have lost any more of our time waiting for someone that may not show up. Companies need to understand that it's not like customers don't have a life. When we need something done, most of the time we have to make arrangements to either take off work or miss important meetings to have it done."
richard N.
port st. lucie, florida
"Discovered problem right away and explained it to us and proceeded to rectify it"
mary M.
savannah, georgia
arlene K.
albany, new york
"Techs were great. Knowledgeable, friendly, hard working. I feel like they did a good job"
christina P.
winnipeg, manitoba
"The technician was friendly, professional and provided helpful advice on my future air conditioning needs."
ann G.
walnut creek, california
"It took two trips to rectify the problem. Daniel was professional and patient."
david N.
holladay, utah
"Good people have helped me and been very helpful."
donald C.
huber heights, ohio
"The technician that came to our house, Jordan Hamlin, was very very good... Very professional and courteous and as i was there watching him , he explained everything that he was doing... One of the best technicians yet for Stevenson Service Experts."
mal H.
fort worth, texas
"I was given a window of 1200 to 1600 as the time when the tech would arrive to begin work. At 1615 I called to cancel the inspection as I wasted my afternoon waiting for someone to show up. I do not want to reschedule this work. My time is valuable too."
tom F.
indianapolis, indiana
"The technician was very knowledgeable & friendly"
steve L.
atlanta, georgia
"Great in every way,"
arlynn L.
salt lake city, utah
tessa R.
hastings, nebraska
"They were so polite on the phone, and got a technician out way sooner than I expected."
andrew S.
rockville, maryland
"Omar very pleasant and knowledgeable. Very god technician!!"
ashley S.
alabaster, alabama
"Both units would not work when the technician left. My house was 82 degrees. I called back and the guy was very helpful walking me through turning the plug thing around outside."
santiago G.
franklin, tennessee
"Your technician showed up and lied to a family friend with a disability that is staying at my house. When she went to check where the hvac unit was, he told her he was going to the truck for his tools and then simply left the job. I specifically told the person yesterday I was not going to be home but that I would arrange payment over the phone. I spoke with the tech over the ring camera when He arrived, told him someone would open the door. It was clear for her that the technician was uncomfortable with her disability and thats why he left. This is unacceptable and ruthless and a complete act of discrimination against our friend. Now she has no cooling while she stays in my house!"
joe D.
newport, kentucky
"Bryan Weber does great work"
michael K.
fort wayne, indiana
"Very professional, clear on my options, not pushy, respected my decision, feel confident in the ability to perform duties"
howard F.
duluth, georgia
joel H.
provo, utah
"Technician understood what he was doing"
melanie S.
midlothian, virginia
paul D.
south bend, indiana
"The technician performed the AC checkup in a timely manner."
audrey S.
littleton, colorado
"appt was canceled by Service Experts at last minute, this was not the first time my appt was cancel at last minute. i schedule my appts months in advance and have to arrange them around my work schedule, last minute changes are not convenient."
elizabeth A.
nashville, tennessee
terry A.
decatur, illinois
marcia S.
cincinnati, ohio
"Knochelmann's has always provided me with good service and competent technicians to do the necessary work."
william L.
nashville, tennessee
harold J.
cincinnati, ohio
"Jeff did a very good job."
patricia H.
franklin, new jersey
"Troy (not sure if his name) was very nice. He was neat and did a great job. The only thing is, I think their should be a rubber shield in the sink drain to prevent a spray when using the garbage disposal."
jeff C.
nolensville, tennessee
"Very professional - explained in detailed what they did and what they found!"
roman P.
calgary, alberta
"Representative arrived on time, was very courteous, performed all tasks professionally, and explained all services in simple, layman terms"
aldo M.
san antonio, texas
"Fast response. On time arrival. Professional and respectful technicians."
annette C.
yellow springs, ohio
"The technician was sent to correct AC unit that was mounted off center on pedestals. Technician stated that the unit was already screwed down and mounted, therefore, he could not correct the initial work of correcting the mistake."
robert J.
beavercreek, ohio
peter L.
rensselaer, new york
"Very Professional"
jill B.
mt zion, illinois
catherine Y.
austin, texas
"Elian and Trent were very helpful and knowledgeable. They took their time to evaluate our systems and address any issues."
pam F.
erie, colorado
barbara W.
benton harbor, michigan
molly G.
garner, north carolina
"Because every technician that has come to my home have been very knowledgeable and personable! Yesterday, Zack continued this customer service."
janet S.
coeymans hollow, new york
anthony G.
e wakefield, new hampshire
"Lou did a great job, he did install the filters incorrectly, but it was a quick fix. Its great to see young people becoming tradesmen."
linda P.
broken arrow, oklahoma
"Very efficient technician."
julie B.
austin, texas
"Had to reschedule appt twice due to technician availability and then scheduling error."
sonya J.
fort pierre, south dakota
"Knowledgeable Customer service"
jason R.
springfield, ohio
"Excellent job"
dolores C.
amsterdam, new york
roger C.
colonie, new york
"Nick was helpful with suggestions."
tom H.
colonie, new york
chris P.
tecumseh, ontario
fred J.
ravena, new york
"Christopher Leigh did a thorough job and answered all my questions. Very impressed."
dahryl T.
la vergne, tennessee
"Good service"
paul H.
downingtown, pennsylvania
"the technicians arrived on time, were thorough, and seemed to do a very good job repairing a lot of small issues we had with the system"
deb L.
fort wayne, indiana
"You did everything we had requested to to and you had the needed items in the truck to do the job."
ronnie S.
west columbia, south carolina
richard S.
plymouth, indiana
"Your pricing is rediculous."
david E.
mishawaka, indiana
"The technicians were very proficient, respectful, and professional."
louise D.
lawrenceville, georgia
"On time. Very knowledgeable about my tankless water heater and related plumbing concerns. He identified the problem and fixed it."
emanuel C.
antioch, tennessee
"The tech who came TODAY was AMAZING but the company customer service is HORRIBLE!! Will never, EVER work with you all again!!"
patricia P.
flemington, new jersey
"The service expert technician was knowledgeable and polite. He answered all my questions."
bob S.
south bend, indiana
"Courteous Tech, knowledgeable, took the time to discuss situation and possible future upgrades."
daniel L.
lakewood, colorado
"Very thorough and courteous. Excellent service."
david H.
knoxville, tennessee
"Very satisfied. Zack showed up on time, was professional and was in and out in less than an hour. System works perfectly."
gary U.
windsor, ontario
"On time, thorough, friendly, competent."
heather M.
vicksburg, mississippi
"Mr. Shires was very thorough with his inspection of the heating and air units."
blake H.
oklahoma city, oklahoma
lloyd M.
north ogden, utah
"He provided insight for proactive protective maintenance and added a hard start kit to protect the life of compressor motor for up to 16 years."
james S.
schenectady, new york
"Good service, friendly tech,"
don K.
benton harbor, michigan
"Very friendly and knowledgeable. Very thorough in their evaluation and clearly explained the problems and solutions."
robert G.
longport, new jersey
"Timely arrival Professional informative"
craig M.
edmonton, alberta
"Very friendly and knowledgeable."
john F.
mishawaka, indiana
"Efficient, thorough, conscientious, & courteous service."
carolyn M.
waxahachie, texas
amy M.
orem, utah
"Technician was on time, was informative, kind and respectful"
william B.
boise, idaho
karensteve D.
dublin, california
"On time, professional, inspection completed."
andy K.
winnipeg, manitoba
elizabeth K.
lakewood, colorado
"Doug always does a great job. He is very courteous and professional. If there is a problem, he explains things well. I am not happy about the fact that I will not be able to request him in the future. I was told this was because of computer updates and scheduling issues."
elaine M.
blackwood, new jersey
"Received a message indicating the technicians name, then received a call indicating his arrival time. Justin was very polite, very informative about the service he was performing."
marilyn R.
bolton landing, new york
"Came on time, professionally friendly, and did the job."
kathy H.
waterford, new york
"James G was great. Explained everything. Told me his findings. Was very polite. I hope I can have the same technician for my September service"
gordon B.
ormond beach, florida
"Andrey always provides professional service, clearly explains what he does, and makes good recommendations on repairs needed."
reinaldo G.
collegeville, pennsylvania
"Technician came out promptly and quickly performed maintenance."
michael H.
hillsborough township, new jersey
"Quickly fulfilled order, installed system in one day with no drama, everything working and left the site clean."
ryan D.
san antonio, texas
"Chris was thorough and professional"
cynthia M.
dallas, texas
greg B.
pierre, south dakota
"Very professional and did a great job explaining the system to me"
bianca W.
grand prairie, texas
"The job was left unfinished in major part tbecause I wasn't provided all important information up front. I was not aware that if a leak couldn't be found I would need to pay the hourly rate."
bianca W.
grand prairie, texas
"The job was left unfinished in major part tbecause I wasn't provided all important information up front. I was not aware that if a leak couldn't be found I would need to pay the hourly rate."
claudia S.
brentwood, tennessee
"Anthony was super fast and efficient. Professional and polite."
jennifer K.
daytona beach, florida
"Very knowledgeable and professional"
barbara G.
concord, california
"Hugo is very knowledgeable and friendly."
robert D.
mapleton, utah
"Griffin did a super job"
jeannie H.
salt lake city, utah
kevin F.
grand island, nebraska
"Mike and Garrett were great"
laura H.
columbia, south carolina
"Your tech was polite, efficient and knowledgeable"
latronda H.
raytown, missouri
"Wyatt and Spencer were great they answered all my questions and let me know everything they were doing"
christine S.
mckinney, texas
"No written info was provided about the original or final status of my unit. If they checked the freon I never got a reading. If they checked inside temps, I never saw them do it. If they checked the a/c filter, I never saw them do it. No warranty info or brand provided on the capacitor."
tim B.
pooler, georgia
"The technician was competent and professional."
vera P.
cold spring, kentucky
michael A.
dallas, texas
"Faster than expected service response time was followed by responsibly managed installation of my thermostat replacement. Joe Muniz was prepared to meet the pre-existing obstacle of a displaced drywall backing by using a oversize mounting bracket for the new thermostat."
ron F.
oklahoma city, oklahoma
"Very professional and solved the issue quickly. Was very impressed by how fast the technician was here after calling."
todd R.
monroe, north carolina
jeanie M.
naples, florida
"tech did not try and sell something and knew what has done on prior service call."
scott W.
fairfax station, virginia
"This was the worst response time I have had from the company in probably all of the 15+ years I have worked with you. Appt was scheduled for 12-2, the tech showed up at 3:37, not his fault from what I can tell. Not really happy about that. However, Omar was great. Also, I understand new systems but I have the Armor Plus plan for a reason, the tech should bring the right filter with him when he leaves the shop. Not have to drop it off later."
paul J.
calgary, alberta
"Very thorough, answered all my questions."
christine M.
alvarado, texas
fred K.
memphis, tennessee
"because of the atude of the service tech"
ashley S.
san antonio, texas
"Nicole is awesome, she has serviced my AC twice now and she is always friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable."
francis T.
morgan, utah
"The technician said polite, answered any questions, explained any potential future problems, and he did a GREAT job. Your company has always treated us quickly and fair. Good job!"
joan B.
north tonawanda, new york
"They were very honest. They talked directly to me so I knew what they were doing. When finished they made sure all my equipment was functioning properly."
kim H.
eagle, idaho
"Both gentlemen were very professional. I appreciated the non-sales engagement and the thorough work on our furnance and AC!"
robert E.
halfmoon, new york
brian F.
saratoga springs, new york
"The service was great"
shane P.
ballston spa, new york
"Easy to schedule service; kept me updated on arrival time of technician on day of service; technician (James) was excellent - efficient, respectful, personable"
gerald C.
harrow, ontario
"On time. Explained well."
larry D.
stuyvesant, new york
"Very attentive and communicative. Knew the drill."
debbie G.
edmonton, alberta
john C.
bountiful, utah
"arrived on time,left work area and home clean"
douglas D.
franklin, ohio
"The tech realized the filter that was sent to me last time was not the right size, and explained a lot of stuff with good detail to me."
nancy H.
oklahoma city, oklahoma
florence A.
manlius, new york
"Zackery was very professional and answered all my questions. Thank you to Rhonda for having someone coming out hours later after I called her in the AM."
christine M.
hillsborough, new jersey
"Pleasant technician, well informed."
gena P.
plano, texas
donna W.
carmel, indiana
"Very thorough and helpful technician. Romaney answered all my questions and updated me on items that may need to be done in the future. I will definitely ask for him in the future - exceptional!"
dick T.
sandy, utah
"Weve been with you for a very long time and the service has always been great. Today Sawyer, called to let us know his ETA, did a through service, and answered some questions that we had. We were interested in learning about the air purifier system and Dan went over the options in detail. Thanks, guys!"
judy B.
birmingham, alabama
"They were prompt, friendly, and listened to what I had to say. They also gave me instructions on how to handle the problem they came out to solve , which I appreciated immensely! Two great guys who know how to handle their customers!"
tom N.
richmond, california
"Excellent customer service"
melinda A.
san antonio, texas
"Made sure system was working, found additional leak, and cleared a clogged drain. Very complete service"
scott B.
highland park, new jersey
rose M.
pierre, south dakota
"He was very good about explaining on setting the dial for the cooling of the air conditioner!"
pam H.
portsmouth, new hampshire
"The young man was very nice and personable. He explained things about my systems I was unaware of. He seemed very knowledgeable."
robert B.
desoto, texas
pamela W.
richmond, virginia
"Sam C. Was probably the friendliest tech Ive had from Eveready.He was very knowledgeable and efficient."
barbara F.
austin, texas
anthony L.
waterford, new york
"The technician was very polite and explained clearly what he did."
marilyn S.
chamblee, georgia
"The experts were thoughtful and let me know when they were a few minutes away; they were friendly and kind and explained the problem."
sim T.
nampa, idaho
"The after hours phone person hesitated to give me a quick service response until he found my history with your company. Everyone should treated equal. New customer or a 21+year existing customer."
karen D.
pelham, alabama
"They arrived on time, and fixed the problem. They also explained what they were doing and why. They cleaned up after the work was done. Very pleasant."
joyce F.
menands, new york
"technician pleasant and thorough."
george S.
winnipeg, manitoba
"Sam went about her job in a very confident manner and was very respectful of both myself and my property. I would certainly have her back if I needed any work done."
rita G.
austin, texas
"Strand Brothers Service Experts are always extremely helpful. Each interaction with technicians is helpful. Ivan was thorough; I shared with him about being pleased with the level of service Ive had with this company."
stephen M.
dayton, ohio
patricia M.
leesburg, florida
"Everything was efficient and professional."
david S.
dover, new hampshire
"Technician was very courteous and went beyond what he needed to do to answer my questions and concerns"
james G.
columbia, south carolina
"Very polite and professional. Went the extra mile in providing services."
bonnie D.
branchburg, new jersey
"Normally, the filter is replaced YEARLY. Filter was replaced December 2022, however tech said filter needs to be replaced again 5/26/23. I agreed (not realizing it was replaced in December). Shoe covers were NOT put on. Tech only completed very few items on Report Card."
dave S.
fairborn, ohio
joe D.
newport, kentucky
"Bryon Weber did a great job explaining the problem and the fix you really need a different emergency phone service I cannot understand then"
miles J.
carrollton, texas
"Alejandro was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to have in our home."
musette V.
bratenahl, ohio
"Exactly on time, engaging, explained clearly, respectful of property, fast."
tom L.
west palm beach, florida
"We purchased a new "top of the line" system in 2020 and also + protection. Motors burned out regularly. techs replaced motors but did not get to root cause. Only when Mark came to house did he understand and correct problem. HOWEVER, that was after we had sustained thousands of dollars in damages to a floor and the ceiling below it, and after two weeks the purported repair crew has not even called."
dawn P.
cincinnati, ohio
"Multiple trips but very thorough and very responsive to our concerns."
bonnie P.
fort wayne, indiana
"Technician explained well"
shelly W.
madison, mississippi
"Every Tech that has come out to service my HVAC has always been prompt and friendly!"
william M.
franklin, tennessee
"Received no service - technician said he rang door bell and no response - my husband was home on our deck - dog did not bark - I dont believe he was even here."
ann C.
denver, colorado
"On time. Explained things"
john I.
williamstown, new jersey
"Ameen should have been equipped with his own hose to clean the condenser coil."
alfred A.
castleton, new york
lynn C.
atlanta, georgia
richard B.
provo, utah
"Both Griffin and Troy explained what they were seeing and doing. Showed pictures of my system"
bettie Z.
ocala, florida
"Both men were nice, neither of them told me their names."
edward W.
albany, new york
chris R.
pflugerville, texas
"While everyone was very polite, I don't appreciate having a sales rep accompany the technician. If I'm interested in buying something, I'll let you know and then you can have a rep contact me."
harold D.
palm beach gardens, florida
"Service is always reliable. It could be that I ask for Matt everytime"
todd B.
milton, new hampshire
"Noah was very polite, knowledgeable about friendly. Great job with the service!"
teri R.
conyers, georgia
david C.
glenville, new york
"Mike and the other guy were super nice and friendly and helpful"
joan L.
rotterdam, new york
"He explained everything he was doing and why he was doing it."
ferro F.
wheeling, illinois
"Did the maintenance on the A"
carolyn B.
green cove springs, florida
"Excellent service"
douglas H.
desoto, texas
"Marcos was very detailed and explained everything he did and gave me a assessment of my system."
cinu P.
schenectady, new york
len S.
loudonville, new york
hector A.
coral gables, florida
"William is an intelligent young man who takes his job seriously and does and excellent job."
marmetfire D.
marmet, west virginia
luveta B.
cincinnati, ohio
"Technician was nice, polite and respectful of my home. I just don't want rotating Technicians servicing my equipment. I want to get to.know my Technician and he knows my equipment."
louise M.
edmonton, alberta
"Very pleasant and efficient"
martin K.
st charles, illinois
kelly M.
roanoke, virginia
"ya'll are always professional, polite and courteous."
rosemarie G.
west palm beach, florida
"I had Alex for many years and then Jeff after Alex left and I was very happy with both of them and I feel certain that Matt will do very well."
dawn W.
west columbia, south carolina
"Very nice and went straight to work and quickly got the job done."
archie S.
gansevoort, new york
holly P.
hackettstown, new jersey
"My plumber, Jay Atwell, was very professional and super knowledgeable. He called before he got here and arrived on time. He answered all my questions and now my water softener works again. I totally give Jay 5 stars!!"
jon K.
san antonio, texas
"Called several times was told they would get back right away and never got a returned call. Then showed up without calling in advance"
nick R.
williamsville, new york
"tech did a great job"
maureen G.
edmonton, alberta
"Everything go do with installation by DUSTIN and ISAAC was amazing they respected my home and showed great care in the removal and installation of new furnace and air conditioner explained how to use and care for the newb equipment"
lee S.
smyrna, georgia
"Huy Trinh is exceptional - knowledgeable - professional and excellent communication skills - I trust his judgement and he provides excellent care for our HVAC. I am thankful to have Huy as our technician."
linda C.
greenwood, indiana
"So friendly and helpful in explaining everything to me."
charlean B.
irmo, south carolina
"Technician got straight to the issue and I immediately noticed it!"
bruce C.
windsor, ontario
"Jason was efficient and thorough and pleasant to deal with."
barbara B.
lady lake, florida
"I interacted with 5 different representatives of your company. Each was knowledgeable and answered all my questions. They cleaned up after the two installs."
theresa M.
scotia, new york
robert W.
deltona, florida
"Both Domingo and Ridgee kept me informed on all work they were doing on my unit"
dawn D.
downingtown, pennsylvania
"Fast fix"
kay L.
south bend, indiana
"Tech was polite and respectful of my home."
liz B.
lasalle, ontario
"Friendly polite efficient"
tim T.
boise, idaho
"Knowledgeable tech who was very helpful, and answered my questions with patience."
howard D.
north liberty, indiana
"your service-techs are always very knowledge, courteous and respectful."
karen M.
columbus, ohio
"good service"
william E.
kettering, ohio
"Really did a good job!"
mark H.
saratoga springs, new york
brenda D.
phoenixville, pennsylvania
"all ok"
thad C.
onida, south dakota
"Great job installing. Left no mess."
mary M.
hypoluxo, florida
"Jeff knows what he is doing"
richard C.
leesburg, florida
"My community is dog friendly with (always leashed) with a few cats that tend to roam. In this case one found it' way into the crawl space and wanted out. Our crawl space tends to be crowded with ducts pipes etc. after a few days of failed attempts to encourage it out it finally made it to the our Heat pump and stuck, and not an adult a 'kitten', head out body stuck. I did not want to risk help from the uninformed about the Heat Pump and decided to call you folks. The hero of the day Johny saved the day. You folks have a customer in me as long I am here."
donald G.
richmond, virginia
"A friendly and knowledgeable young man who finished the work quickly."
mrs hoff H.
elkhart, indiana
"Martin does a great job as Technician. But Matt Hesch, who is no longer there, did a terrible job following through with his salesman duties. I never did get my discount from the Gas Company for a more energy efficient new furnace, air conditioner and water heater. Matt did not submit the paperwork for my rebate either. Madison was able to process my rebate finally and relly came through for me."
linda W.
windsor, ontario
"Every person we have dealt with through the years from Bryant have been very professional and pleasant to deal with from the people on the phone, the techs and the sales people."
donald B.
edmonton, alberta
"Arrived when he said that he would. Replaced valve and left."
ed H.
ormond beach, florida
"Todd was very professional and knowledgeable. Made sure everything was working correctly and I understood it"
ritu G.
morton grove, illinois
"They all spent a lot of time going over the concerns of my system and the options that were available to me."
ronald W.
florence, kentucky
"Court, professional, knowledge person"
john P.
calgary, alberta
"Technician showed up when we weren't home. We were expecting him the following day (at a time yet to be determined). We were told he would call or text first to make sure I was home. The a/c was outside so thankfully he could fix it without needing to get into the house. Somehow there was a miscommunication with customer service rep I guess."
dave B.
schenectady, new york
"The plumber Richard was knowledgeable and very professional and explained everything and was wonderful. Very pleased and will definitely use Roland J Down again. All our problems were resolved could not be happier thank you Dave B"
patricia H.
plano, texas
linda T.
flemington, new jersey
"he was friendly & knew his job.explained everything to me."
linda M.
moraga, california
"He was on time and efficiently did the pm."
carolyn H.
shawnee, kansas
"Moe was outstanding. He explained everything in detail and performed his tasks quickly and efficiently. He has a great personality and we would ask for him again."
tom L.
edmonton, alberta
"very professional knowledgeable service."
emily S.
yellow springs, ohio
"The service tech was nice and we liked him. But, it felt scammy the way the sales guy said that everything was failing. We had another company come out immediately after and they said that the sales tech was not honest."
susan W.
liverpool, new york
matt B.
indianapolis, indiana
karen M.
columbus, ohio
"quick service"
richard W.
boise, idaho
"Efficient, effective, prompt, & courteous"
juanita E.
liverpool, new york
"Service is fine arrival time 5/25 was not"
alex K.
glenmont, new york
amber N.
austin, texas
"Alfredo was thorough, friendly, great"
judith H.
south bend, indiana
"On Time, very good service from Ryan and Seth"
sandy B.
ocala, florida
"Whenever I can get Mike Hudson to come out for service, I am always satisfied with his work and explanations. He has a very pleasant personality and comfortable to be around. I have the highest regard for his knowledge."
janie G.
fort wayne, indiana
"Both men were courteous and did the work and explained what was done"
ralph B.
clinton, illinois
gary H.
prosperity, south carolina
"He was very professional"
john D.
norman, oklahoma
cindy C.
portsmouth, new hampshire
"Technician was considerate and entered into my home through the basement. Once the work was completed, he explained to me the work that he completed."
stefania K.
winnipeg, manitoba
"Quick service"
larry H.
middlesex, new jersey
"Toilet still leaking. Technician replaced a part, but that did not fix the problem. Will call next week to reschedule the repair."
mark S.
essex, ontario
"Staff was on time, cautious, and very informative."
adolfo J.
coppell, texas
"Representative was great and the installers were great but communication from representative and company was horrible. Andrew promised me a copy of the original agreement, I still dont have a copy even after numerous calls to the office. Issues processing the payment, never knew if we had an agreement until the morning the crew notified me they were coming."
mary K.
alpharetta, georgia
"Efficient. Polite."
eldon A.
south jordan, utah
cheryl K.
st joseph, michigan
mr essert E.
danville, illinois
"Very friendly and knowledgeable. Always a pleasant experience!"
ronald B.
elkhart, indiana
david B.
sherwood park, alberta
howard E.
winnipeg, manitoba
"WS telephoned in advance to see if it was convenient for our technician to arrive an hour earlier. It was convenient and we were happy to have Jose carry out the servicing."
beverly U.
champaign, illinois
"The technician(s) were very knowledgeable and courteous."
ken H.
edmonton, alberta
christine S.
st.charles, illinois
lois S.
roanoke, virginia
"They came when they said they would, didn't make a mess. Of course, I'll have to wait until next winter before I know for sure."
pat G.
cumming, georgia
"should have been 10"
rick C.
edmonton, alberta
scott D.
ogden, utah
susan R.
lancaster, new york
"My first experience was very questionable. The beginning and end result. I was mis quoted and double charged. I refused to pay and decided I would wait for a manager to call and settle. No one ever called for payment or to ask what happened. When my annual renewal was due that all changed, THANK YOU TO General Manager Matt Kulik. Matt not only recalled the incident, but Matt personally called me to rectify the situation AND to understand my point of view. Matt sent out a very knowledgeable employee, but he did the service AND the part AT NO COST. No service or parts cost. Matt took the time to call and talk to me personally. I was highly recommended to Sunbeam by a relative, so I expected a different result than my first experience, Matt Kulik changed me and renewed my faith in general to services needed and to Sunbeam. THANK YOU MATT! You have represented your company in a way THEY, and you should be proud! All companies need more Managers like Matt."
dorothy K.
st joseph, michigan
jeffrey D.
albany, new york
"Very professional and knowledgeable"
griffin M.
edmond, oklahoma
"Missed appointment and outsourced agent showed zero empathy. I have an appointment with Hill now."
adam S.
elkhart, indiana
"Got the job done."
judy R.
san ramon, california
"Jim was very informative."
estate G.
cincinnati, ohio
"Kyle and Dillon were polite and helpful and had good communication."