What is a Service Call Fee and How Does it Impact Me?

When searching for a trustworthy contractor, you may have come across the term “service call fee.” Also named a “trip charge,” this fee is the cost an HVAC company charges for sending a technician to your home when your heating or cooling appears to be working poorly. 

Why Do HVAC Companies Charge a Service Call Fee? 

A service call fee covers the cost of traveling to your home. After all, this takes time, requires fuel, and causes wear and tear on the company vehicle. Keep in mind that service call fees don’t usually come with parts and labour if you decide on a repair or replacement. 

How Expensive is a Service Call Fee? 

Every HVAC company determines how much to charge for a service call. Some companies use a standard or flat rate for every service call, while others increase the rate if the customer is further outside the standard service radius. The particular cost varies by market and company, but you should expect an average trip charge to be between $79 to $129. 

Who is Responsible for the Service Call Fee? 

If you schedule a service call, you will need to settle the trip charge regardless of what step you take next. For instance, you may decide to move forward with the technician’s recommended repair or replacement, depending on which method is more cost effective. 

You are free to find several job estimates from trusted HVAC companies—just keep in mind that you may end up paying a trip charge for every one. Even if you take no action after the original service call, you will still owe the technician a fee for coming to your home and carrying out diagnostics. 

How Can I Skip Paying a Service Call Fee? 

A good way to decrease trip charges is to purchase an HVAC membership from Winnipeg Supply Service Experts. All four of our memberships offer a waived service call fee, which means we’ll come to your home and inspect your HVAC system for free. 

Other money-saving benefits of an HVAC maintenance membership include: 

  • No overtime charges 
  • 15% savings on repairs 

If your furnace or air conditioner is behaving strangely, or you’re open to an affordable HVAC maintenance plan, Winnipeg Supply Service Experts is happy to help. We charge some of the most affordable service call fees to get your HVAC repair or replacement going the right way. We are also excited to help our customers save money on emergency repairs, replacements and maintenance with valuable offers on our website. If you’re hoping to enjoy savings and peace of mind while maximizing efficiency and home comfort, give us a call at 204-800-0613 today! 

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