The Importance of Home Water Filtration and Purification

When you turn the faucet on your kitchen or bathroom sink, you anticipate clean, safe water to flow out. But even if your water appears clear, it could still contain toxic chemicals that are hazardous to your family’s health and well-being. A lot of people don’t like the taste of polluted tap water and grasp the consequences of drinking it. That’s why half of all American homes keep either a home water treatment system (32 percent) or bottled water (18 percent) to guarantee they have safe drinking water on hand.

If you want to protect your family’s health, you may first opt for continuing the bottled water approach. But of course, this gets expensive soon. In addition, plastic water bottles that aren’t recyclable end up polluting the world’s waterways, harming the environment and hurting marine life.

Having a whole-house water filtration system is more cost-efficient and healthier for the environment than buying bottled water. It may also deliver healthier water more easily because you can get it straight from the tap. Additionally, whole-house systems send purified water to your showers, tubs and plumbing fixtures, allowing you to capitalize on the benefits whereveryou use water at home.

Before setting up a whole-house water filtration system, learn what’s in your water and how a Filtermax™ Superior Chemical Removal Filter can filter out unhealthy contaminants. Then, get in touch with Winnipeg Supply Service Experts to help you choose and install the right water filter for you.

What’s in Your Water Supply?

Water quality varies by location, but several of the most likely contaminants are:

    • Heavy metals
    • Chlorine
    • Lead
    • Industrial chemicals
    • Disinfection byproducts (DBPs)

Learn what’s in your home’s tap water by entering your ZIP Code into the Environmental Working Group’s drinking water quality database. EWG data shows that above 80 percent of utility water supplies in North America have tested positive for carcinogenic chemicals, revealing that lawful water quality levels may not be necessarily safe.

Consider Installing a Filtermax Water Filtration System

The Filtermax Superior Chemical Removal Filter filters out dirt, debris and dangerous chemicals from your faucets, furnishing you and your family with safe, sparkling water to drink. Here are the benefits of this system:

    • Sediment filtration: Cloudiness is a sure sign of sediment in your drinking water. Comprised of silt, sand, rust or clay, sediment is naturally occurring and can become concentrated in the water main following severe storms. While generally harmless, sediment makes your drinking water appear and taste unpleasant. Filtermax provides sediment filtration to filter out solids from your drinking water.
    • Chlorine removal: Chlorine is crucial to clean drinking water in dense cities. Sadly, this disinfectant also adds dangerous chemical byproducts when it reacts with naturally occurring organic and inorganic substances in the water. Certain DPBs, including trihalomethanes (THMs), are shown to cause cancer. Filtermax eliminates these carcinogens to keep your family healthy.
    • Safer, cleaner, better-tasting water: Providing safe tap water is the goal of installing any water filtration system. Besides being cleaner for your family to drink, filtered water also smells, tastes and looks better. No more lasting metallic or musty scents. No more earthy or chlorine taste. No more cloudy water swirling around your cup. Just clean-tasting, odorless, crystal-clear water.
    • Filtered water to every tap: Toxic chemicals don’t just affect you when ingested—they also absorb into your skin when you shower and cling to your clothing and dishes when you wash them. That’s why a whole-house filtration system is so worthwhile because it guarantees clean water from every tap.
    • No operating costs or wasted water: Some whole-house filtration systems raise your electric bills. Others increase your water bills with automatic backwashing and flushing. Filtermax illustrates that safe, clean water doesn’t have to include bigger utility costs.
    • Flow-through distributor: Depending on your plumbing system’s configuration, you may need an upflow or downflow water filter. The Filtermax™ flow-through distributor contains both designs to cater to your needs.
    • 20-year manufacturer warranty: This is the best warranty in the water treatment equipment industry! With this coverage, you know your investment will carry on providing clean, quality drinking water for a very long time.

Install a Whole-House Water Filter in Your Home

At Winnipeg Supply Service Experts, we install several types of water filtration systems from Excalibur, including the Filtermax Superior Chemical Removal Filter. Whether you’re hoping to decrease water hardness, eliminate bacteria or remove dangerous chemicals, you’ll find the right product for you from Excalibur. Installation is quick, straightforward and bolstered with our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Get in contact with your local Winnipeg Supply Service Experts office for help finding a water filtration system that suits your needs and budget.

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