Top 5 Furnace and Heating Problems in Edmonton

We have discussed common air conditioning problems, now we’d like to share the common heating problems Winnipeg homeowners often call Winnipeg Supply Service Experts about. Although there are potentially hundreds of explanations why your Winnipeg home’s furnace or heating system may need to be repaired. Here are the top five problems that may cause your furnace or heating equipment to break down:

1. Thermostat malfunctions resulting in no heat, fan spinning or comfort problems

2. Air circulation problems from fan motors, belts and bearings, causing furnace overload or poor heating control

3. Old and clogged filters that cause airflow and comfort problems

4. Pilot light or furnace ignition issues, resulting in intermittent or no heat

5. Inconsistent maintenance history may cause unexpected breakdowns, poor comfort or escalated energy costs (plus a lot of homeowner frustration!)

All of these common issues can be addressed by a professionally qualified, ACE-certified technician. Technicians from Winnipeg Supply Service Experts can quickly detect the problem area and make the needed repairs. Getting a maintenance plan could prevent practically all heating problems that leave you with no heat or low comfort levels. With a proper tune-up, all the components are checked and serviced so they run correctly and at peak efficiency during the heating season. Vital items like Carbon Monoxide checks, adequate combustion air, equipment clearances, and equipment safety are also key elements to the tune-up process. Don’t forget – safety first! Never forget that furnaces of any age may pose safety hazards from combustion or gases, particularly if a ACE-certified technician has not maintained the equipment regularly.

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