Safe, Clean Indoor Air Quality Starts with an HVAC Membership 

When my wife and I bought our new home, we knew our main priority was ensuring our son grew up in a happy and healthy environment. After talking to a friend who had been a homeowner for over a decade, he couldn’t emphasize enough how important home maintenance is, especially since my son has asthma. From our HVAC system to insulation and smoke detectors, maintenance from professional technicians is about more than just boosting my home’s efficiency — the comfort and safety of my family depend on it.

When I asked him what he recommended, he instantly told me about his Winnipeg Supply Service Experts membership. After visiting their website, I couldn’t believe everything they offered at such an affordable price. With plans starting at just $5 a month, Winnipeg Supply Service Experts provides guaranteed priority service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! And with no trip or overtime fees, plus a 15% discount on repairs and products, the savings were simply out of this world. Peace of mind had never looked this affordable.

Once I signed up for a membership, I requested for a Winnipeg Supply Service Experts technician to come out for an inspection. Not only did our technician Rachel arrive on time, she was as polite as could be. She even explained things to my wife and I that helped us understand our home on a deeper level.

Once she was finished, Rachel gave us our Home Health Report Card, telling us everything we needed to know. She explained that 75% of the problems with most home comfort systems are simply due to improper system maintenance and dirt built up from outside sources being trapped by the air filters. She provided a thorough maintenance and tune-up and explained this regular planned maintenance is included with our Maintenance+ Membership and will prevent this buildup from happening again.

Rachel also pointed out that our home’s humidity levels were a bit too high at 65% (the ideal home humidity range is 30-50%). The higher the humidity and moisture, she explained, the more likely we could face a potential mold problem – the last thing parents of an asthmatic child want. While she thankfully detected no traces of mold, she recommended system dehumidification options that would better control the humidity in our son’s room. The best part was that all the recommended solutions were affordable.

I can’t thank Rachel, and Winnipeg Supply Service Experts, enough for everything they’ve done for us. In a time when things feel so uncertain, the safety and security of my family means more than anything, and that starts with the quality of the air we breathe at home. Winnipeg Supply Service Experts made our home into even more of a safe haven for us, and my son’s asthma has never been this manageable.

To learn more about Winnipeg Supply Service Experts memberships, simply call 204-800-0613 for all the details. Be sure to ask Winnipeg Supply Service Experts about the benefits of their exclusive Advantage Program where you can subscribe to home comfort from a new, high-efficiency HVAC system with no down payment, no repair charges ever for labour or parts, and no-cost annual maintenance.

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