Experts Creating Experts Awarding $25,000 to Two Winners

July 08, 2014

Does the idea of being a top chef stir your soul? Does the possibility of getting your pilot’s license make your heart soar? Want to fine-tune your wood-working talent? What kind of expert do you want to be?

Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning, a Service Experts Company, wants to make your passion happen. The “Experts Creating Experts” contest, open now through September 30, will award $25,000 to be used toward gaining expertise and learning in that one topic you’re most passionate about. To enter, visit, or, and submit an essay, presentation, photos or video explaining one subject in which you would like to become an expert, why you are interested in that subject and how/why this expertise would improve your life. The most passionate will be awarded $25,000 to be used for professional instruction, to attend school, take a trip, for equipment or other ways to help them be an expert on the topic.

"We know that becoming an expert isn’t easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but the upside is tremendous," said Dave Moody, director of marketing for Service Experts. "We’re committed to being experts in home comfort because that is what our customers deserve. Now we want to also 'pay it forward,' and help someone else in their pursuit of expertise and excellence. We cannot wait to see what America wants to do!"

Judging of entries into the Experts Creating Experts contest will be based on: the creativity of the entry, the uniqueness of the area of expertise and the inspirational appeal of the entry. The initial round of judging will be conducted by a panel chosen by Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning. Finalists will then be posted on our Facebook page for the public to encourage Service Experts to help one person’s dream come true.

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